Before arriving to your International Health Certificate appointment, please fill out and either e-mail ( or print and bring THIS FORM to help shorten the length of your appointment.


The CDC is temporarily BANNING dogs from entering the USA who have visited one of the banned countries (LISTED HERE) in the past 6 months. Please ensure your dog will be able to return before scheduling a trip!

All 3 of our veterinarians are accredited by the USDA to sign International Health Certificates, allowing your pets to travel internationally. Because each country has its own unique requirements, International Health Certificate exams are scheduled for 90 minutes to ensure your pet receives a thorough physical exam, receives any required treatments (deworming, etc.), and to allow our staff to assemble all of the necessary documentation to ensure your animal’s travel is smooth.

Please review your destination country’s import requirements by visiting the USDA’s Pet Travel website.