Looking for veterinary services in Gaithersburg, MD?

Comprehensive physical exams allow your pet to maintain their usual healthy, friendly demeanor. Our doctor reviews recent history, performs a full physical exam, and run diagnostics.


We offer a variety of vaccinations to prevent and alleviate illness for your pets. See full list here.


Convenient in house testing requires only 3 drops of blood and takes only 8 minutes to test for over 5 disease.


Our team of doctors are qualified to perform a large variety of surgeries for your pets to maintain wellness and remove disease. Specialty and extensive surgeries are offered at LFAH.


Standard bathing leaves your pet feeling pampered by our experienced kennel staff. Includes a luxury wash, blow dry, and full coat brush out. Additionally we offer a complimentary toe nail trim with every bath.


Short and long term boarding for your pet by our qualified, reliable staff. All boarding pets are under medical supervision for the entirety of their stay.


Our staff will accommodate any pet emergency promptly during operating hours. We offer intensive medical care and therapy, as well as perform emergency surgeries to regain your pets health.


We offer a variety of dental care and cleanings for your pets, as well as any necessary extractions.

Keep track of your pets no matter what! We offer microchipping and certifications for your furry friends.


We distribute a variety of parasite and pest prevention medications in house for your pets. Testing procedures include blood and fecal collection.


Onsite surgeries for your pet to prevent breeding as well as prevent various diseases later in life.


Our staff is able to perform a variety of ultrasounds including abdominal, cardiac, and cancer screening. We screen so you know. Our doctors will always explain results in depth and answer any questions you might have.

If you’re ready to see our expert veterinary team in Gaithersburg, call Lake Forest Animal Hospital today at 301-740-1083 or make an appointment now.

Boarding Services  

Whether you are headed out of town for an extended period of time or just need your pup to be watched for the workday/evening, Lake Forest Animal Hospital is happy to help with boarding.

At drop-off we encourage owners to indicate any extra services for their pets including extra bedding, treats, cuddle time, cuddles and brushing, bath and toe nail trim.

Got exotic pets? We have boarding options for them too! Call today to find out more.

Dog Boarding 

  • Variety of sizing for the tiniest to the largest pups!

  • Heated flooring in dog run options

  • Open & bar less areas upon request

  • Daily dog walks, minimum of 3 a day

  • Food & water refill as needed

  • Plenty of play time & space

Cat Boarding

  • Quiet kitty condos

  • Separate letterbox compartments

  • Cubby for personal belonging storage

  • Expandable sizing

  • Ability to share with cat siblings upon request

  • Natural sunlight

  • Food & water refill as needed