Abdominal Ultrasound Cancer Screenings


Cancer is all-too common in pets and our patients are no exception. At a heart-breaking frequency we diagnose a beloved pet with some form of cancer- sometimes daily. While some cancers are more overt and easily found, many cancer patients don’t show obvious signs of illness until their cancer has already grown/spread and there are no treatment options left. Other times, a pet has become so debilitated that treatment of an underlying cancer requires intense hospitalization or risky intervention. In an effort to diagnose and treat those pets who fall victim to abdominal cancers early in the disease process, we now offer preventive abdominal cancer screenings.

The abdominal cancer screening uses ultrasonography to check many organs of the abdominal cavity. There are over 11 abdominal organs within dogs and cats, any of which could potentially develop a disease or cancer. These screenings are being offered to healthy pets for the sole purpose of scanning the abdomen for changes or growths that may indicate abdominal cancer, allowing us to diagnose cancer patients before they begin to act sick. Early detection and treatment has been shown to result in better treatment options, responses, and survival times. Intervention on a healthy pet can be both less expensive, less invasive, and less painful for the pet.

Pets over the age of ten are particularly at risk of cancer and certain breeds have significantly higher chances of developing cancers. If you are interested in an Abdominal Ultrasound Cancer Screening please call today to schedule one for your pet.