US Interstate + Airline Health Certificates

Our veterinarians are able to provide your pet with a valid Health Certificate for interstate and air travel. We are also able to provide sedation, when necessary, for traveling pets.

Please be aware that airlines and states establish their own requirements for pet health certification, and that it is YOUR responsibility to let us know which airline you are using and to request that we meet each specific requirement upon the health certificate. Many airlines will only accept a health certificate issued within a certain number of days before travel. We recommend contacting the airline or destination state prior to scheduling your appointment with us. Lake Forest Animal Hospital is NOT responsible for informing you of these requirements, it is the owner’s responsibility to request that we perform the requirements for pet travel.

Failure to meet a an airline’s requirements may prevent your pet from being allowed to travel!


Airlines often request the following of your pet for travel:

  • A valid health certificate, signed within a certain number of days prior to travel
  • Valid rabies certificate, and/or a rabies vaccine to have been given within a certain number of days prior to travel
  • Microchipping of your pet- if your pet is not microchipped, we can provide this service for you
  • A letter from your veterinarian waiving temperature restrictions

Some airlines have breed and age restrictions- please check to make sure they do not apply to your pet!