What do kennel technicians do for our clients and patients?

      Kennel technicians are the primary caretakers of all of the boarding animals at our hospital, from tiny turtles to our largest dogs. They provide boarders with all of their food and medication and walk the dogs in the hot or cold through rain, shine, and snow. Kennel technicians are the ones who cuddle with, get to know our boarders, and keep your pet comfortable while away from home- but they don’t stop there!

The majority of pet bathing and grooming is performed by the kennel staff. They also help our technicians and veterinarians with patient care and restraint during some procedures and appointments, as well as maintain the facilities. This involves daily cleaning of the boarding areas as well as our dental, treatment, and surgical suites. Kennel technicians clean and sterilize our surgical instruments to help our medical staff be prepared for your pet’s care.

What does it take to be a kennel technician?

      Kennel technicians often work more independently than the rest of our staff, and have to be hardworking and reliable to balance all of the pets in their care and duties within the hospital throughout each day. They are hard and active workers, often engaging in physical activity to maintain the hospital and to endure the elements to walk and bathe animals up to 140lbs! Their tasks and duties are rigorous.

Working in the kennel doesn’t just involve physical endurance, self-motivation, and a strong work ethic but also a compassionate attitude toward all species of animal that come through our doors and a willingness to provide affection at the same time as husbandry.

Our kennel techs work hard!

      Kennel staff work either morning or evening shifts to cover our 7am-8pm workdays M-Th, 7am-6pm Fri, and 7am-2pm Saturday. They care for boarding animals during the weekends when our hospital is closed for business year round and especially during the busy summer and holiday seasons.

Our entire team is dedicated to your pet’s healthcare! We provide the most pleasant veterinary experience possible through accommodating each pet and owner’s unique, individual needs.
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