What do techs do for our clients and patients?

      The veterinary medical team works together to provide the best care to your pets- technicians are the nurses/technologists who provide all of the medical care to our patients as ordered by our three vets. They are also the primary caretakers of our patients: preparing patients for surgery, helping procedures and appointments run smoothly, and ensuring that medications are given and that hospitalized patients are fed, walked, and kept comfortable. Some of the various services techs help perform include: wellness/routine care and vaccinations, in-house pharmacy, in-house laboratory, echocardiograms and abdominal ultrasounds, diagnostic and dental radiology, orthopedic/soft tissue/major organ surgery, dental cleanings/oral surgery, patient disease diagnosis and management, laser therapy, sick patient care and hospitalization, chemotherapy, boarding, and grooming. We treat dogs, cats, exotics, and pocket pets, and our techs are trained to handle them all!

      Duties include assisting veterinarians in appointments, monitoring anesthesia, performing dental cleanings, collecting and processing laboratory samples, communication of results, treatment plans, etc. to clients, restraint of pets of all sizes and dispositions, administering medications, preparing patients for surgery, sterilizing and preparing medical/surgical equipment, cleaning and maintaining medical areas of the hospital, operating the x-ray machine, triaging sick patients, administering CPR, performing venipuncture, placing IV catheters, and assisting veterinarians during humane euthanasia.

What does it mean to be a vet tech?

      In the state of Maryland technicians are animal hospital employees who receive on-the-job training while Certified Veterinary Technicians pursue a 2-year degree. At LFAH, training is provided by our doctors and experienced staff- many who have worked at LFAH for 8+ years! Some of our techs have previously worked in other departments of the hospital, making them well-rounded in all aspects of the hospital’s functions. The capabilities of the veterinary technician are limited by their passion and drive, and our techs strive to always provide the best experience and care for you and your pets.

Our techs work hard!

      Techs work either morning or evening shifts to cover our 7am-8pm workdays M-Th, 7am-6pm Fri, and 7am-2pm Saturday. Techs also alternate weekend shifts and caring for hospitalized patients during the weekend, making sure that even when our hospital is closed your pets are attended to and well cared for.

Our entire team is dedicated to your pet’s healthcare! We provide the most pleasant veterinary experience possible through accommodating each pet and owner’s unique, individual needs.
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