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Mon -Thurs:     7 am – 8 pm
Fri:                       7 am – 6 pm
Sat:                       7 am – 2 pm
Sun:                     ***6 pm – 6:30 pm
(boarder pickup only)

  • ***Sunday evenings we are ONLY open for 30 minutes from 6 PM to 6:30 PM

  • ***This is for boarder pickup ONLY. Unfortunately, NO pet drop-offs, NO patient discharges, and NO medication refills are possible on Sundays.

OUR MISSION is to provide you and your pet with the most comprehensive and highest quality of care possible

Our entire team is dedicated to your pet’s healthcare! We provide the most pleasant veterinary experience possible through accommodating each pet and owner’s unique, individual needs.
Meet Our Team

Pet Wellness & Diagnostics

Our veterinarians perform a full nose-to-tail exam, listening to the heart and lungs and palpating the internal organs. We offer a variety of species-specific vaccinations as well as advanced wellness care for older pets. We stress healthy living, wellness, and prevention to keep healthy pets healthy and can diagnose any abnormalities to find a treatment plan, engaging owners in their pet’s care for the best outcome.

Pet Wellness

Surgery & Sick Pet Hospitalization

Our veterinarians have years of experience performing a range of simple to complex surgical procedures at competitive prices, including those which other hospitals often refer to specialists. Our technicians are experienced in nursing your pet through the recovery period before they are sent home, and our team is skilled and compassionate to help your pet through any illness requiring hospitalization in our recently renovated treatment area.

Surgical Services

Dental Care and Oral Surgery

All three of our veterinarians perform full dental cleanings, which requires anesthesia and involves scaling, polishing, probing, and possibly radiographing your pet’s teeth if needed. Teeth which are too diseased or infected to remain in the mouth are removed by our veterinarians, and they also perform a full oral exam to assess gum health and check for any signs of oral growths or tumors. If your pet’s teeth have visible tartar or plaque, or if your pet’s mouth has a foul odor, schedule an exam today!


Boarding & Grooming

Our dog and cat boarding kennels were greatly expanded and upgraded during our hospital renovation in 2015. Our runs have heated flooring to help larger/older dogs with arthritis; our kitty condos have lots of natural lighting and large spacious cages. Our kennel staff takes great care of boarding pets, giving extra snuggles and treats! If you have a high-needs pet who requires special care, medications, or treatments know they’re boarded in the safe hands of our kennel staff and vet techs. We also provided basic grooming services: baths, toe nail trims, anal gland expressions, and ear cleanings. We do not provide breed-specific hair cuts, but do provide “Total Body Clips” to give your cat or a dog a nice, short shave.

Boarding & Grooming

Customized care
for your pet at
LFAH includes…

  • Special drop-off & pick-up times for anxious pet
  • Convenient hours for working & commuting pet owners
  • Hospital visitation so that your family can comfort your sick/hospitalized pet
  • Client education, making you an integral part of your pet’s healthcare
  • Assistance in medicating your pet at no charge during business hours
  • Personalized advice, recommendations, and medications for your pet’s unique training or for behavioral issues including anxiety or aggression